Claims Product Release for Monday 19th September, 2022

  1. HCI enrollees who are deactivated on their ERP database should be terminated on Curacel
  2. Emails should carry a tag which we can use for analytics purposes on postmark

  1. Add Tag for Admission Type Claims

  1. Make approval/Pa code searchable from claims resource on nova

  1. Make the "All Client" Filter on the Claims Report Module Searchable

  1. Give Unique IDs to HTML Elements That Require User Action/Interaction
  2. Ability to Filter the Provider Claims Count by Date on the Curacel Ops Portal

  1. Additional Column to Provider List on Curacel Ops Portal

  1. Nova Ability to Choose "Reject Claim" as an Underwriting Rule

  1. "Reject Claim" Action on Underwriting Rules should be applied whenever loaded
  2. Reword Inappropriate Prompt for Claim Submission into a Locked Pile

  1. Fix for Inability to Submit Claim Drafts on the Provider Portal
  2. Searchable Function for Filter by Client Drop Down on Claims Module on the HMO Portal

  1. Delete the angular Clinical Rules Module on Databoss after migrating to Nova
  2. Ability to Choose Diagnosis Range for Underwriting Rule on Nova

  1. Implementation of the "in-range" condition for the underwriting rule on Nova
  2. Fix for Provider claims revenue table bugs
  3. Redirect the "Check Now" Action button on Rejection Email for Providers to Rejected Claim
  4. Tariff Active Date format fix

  1. Ability to Filter Providers according to Country and State on Curacel Ops Portal

  1. Fix for Filter list are not being returned to the default list upon entering invalid search word
  2. Migrate the HMO Profile Using the Figma Design

  1. Fix for Wrong positioning of recently uploaded Claims file - Providers' Portal