Claims Product Release Note for Friday 27th January, 2023

  1. Nova Super Admin Ability to Toggle Enrollee Benefit Wallet Feature on Insurer Portal

  1. Additional Tab on the Enrollee details page called "Benefit Wallet"

  1. Fix for Wrong Routing Problems with Action buttons on the Provider dashboard recent claim list

  1. Add New Client Page on the HMO Portal does not close after creating Client until User refreshes or clicks on a new module

  1. Fix for Error being returned upon selecting "All" when creating ticket on Provider Portal

  1. Additional Filter for Banded Tariffs on the Provider Tariffs Modules on Nova

  1. Optimization to Return Unadjusted Claims Immediately with Meta Settings to Control Per Insurer on Nova

  1. Fix for Error when HMO-Generated Client Credential shows Invalid for Login for Client Portal User

  1. Fix for Professional Fee Review Not Updating on Approved Bill for Provider on HMO Piles
  2. Fix for Multi-suggestion Statistics not Updating in Real Time after Mapping on Databoss
  3. Additional Field to the HMO Billing Module on Nova to Add Specific HMO Email

  1. Investigate why Providers Are Still Able to Submit Claims to Hallmark HMO and put checks to prevent future occurrence
  2. Fix for the Service End date not calculating appropriately according to Service Start Date and Payment Plan while Adding new Clients on the HMO Portal

  1. Update: UAP Enrollee Export Sheet

  1. Ability to Search for Claims on the Claim List with Claim ID

  1. Search Function to Auto-fresh Authorization List after clearing a Search Entry on the HMO Portal (New Repo)
  2. Fix for Error on the Client Overview Module while Trying to Save a Newly Created Client on the HMO Portal
  3. Setting to Lock all Piles at the end of the day

  1. Fix for Inability to close Enrollee details unless user refreshes or clicks on a new module on the Client Portal
  2. Fix for Enrollee Name and Insurance Number search not auto refreshing after clearing search input on the Client Portal
  3. Mismatched Color Coding for Enrollee Status on the Enrollee List

  1. Fix for Terminated Enrollee Disappearing from the Enrollee List on Client Portal

  1. Remove Page Transition Loader and Use Table Loader When Not Navigating Pages on the New Repo
  2. Ability to Remove or Add Modules for Providers on Nova

  1. Fix for Opening Claim Details in a New Tab That Redirects User to Login Page and Then Dashboard on the New Repo