Grow Product Changelogs for 11th September, 2023

  1. Users of the Grow Dashboard can now switch between production and sandbox environments via toggle on UI, without keeping multiple accounts.

  1. We've also enforced users' completion of KYC requirements before being able to switch from test to live environments. In other words, only users who have completed KYC and signed the SLA can switch to the live environment
  2. We have also introduced Session Expiry on the Grow Dashboard. Users are automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity
  3. Server errors during product purchase via the API have been resolved

  1. Server error during new insurer creation
  2. We have resolved the issue where the location options on widget were not showing
  3. We have registered Motor Policy, Personal Accident Insurance Plan, Credit Life, Life Insurance on the Grow API via the Heirs Integration
  4. We have removed the Log Out button on the Travel Portal when users access it via the Travel Link
  5. The inconsistent behaviour of product selection on the Grow Widget has been resolved.
  6. We now show the customer type in the Customer Details View on the Grow Dashboard

  1. Users can now see the Policy Expiry Dates on Active Policies

  1. The Premium Values on the Grow Dashboard are now restricted to two decimal places
  2. API endpoint to configure parent-child relationships between partners
  3. Implement Order Payment Processing for Parent-Child Partner Hierarchy
    Implement Claim Filing for Parent Partners -Child Hierarchy