Grow Product Release for 26th February, 2023

  1. Updated Pocket web-hook, which makes sure that anytime an order is placed on Pocket, a corresponding order is also placed on Curacel.

  1. Created an OAS for the endpoint for order authorization. The reference section of the Grow documentation contains the endpoint documentation.
  2. While configuring their widgets, partners can provide a link to their terms and conditions.

  1. The timestamp for each wallet transaction has been updated on the dashboard.

  1. We fixed the outstanding amount requested in Pocket emails, especially when a Pocket user's payment is less than the product's premium, and we send an email to the user requesting the remaining balance.

  1. Admin can delete products on Sandbox Nova

  1. Implemented the Pocket manual payment and processing workflow to aid Pocket users in paying for insurance policies.
  2. In order for insurance partners to see all products in the product catalog and take further action on them, we created the product directory.

  1. Created product management endpoints for Insurers dashboard.
  2. We provide users with access to all policy information via the policy number so they can show it to consumers for approval prior to policy renewal.
  3. We changed and documented the webhook back-off strategy.