Grow Product Release for Monday 5th October, 2022

  1. Partners can now compile the data for other travelers when the number of travelers surpasses 1.

  1. Premium Prices fixed.

  1. Europe travel plan updated to non-schengen europe

  1. Partners can choose the products that will show up for their users when the Grow widget is initialized.

  2. The Paid Orders Summary should match the policy that was created and the paid orders.

  1. Travel premium calculation fixed for multiple travellers

  1. Replace "Personal information of traveller 1" to "1st traveller's personal information" on the travel app

  1. Add "State Placeholder" on the Personal Information Page

  1. Visiting the .travel subdomain should use the travel view as the landing page

  1. Filter by Insurance Coverage (API)

  2. Partners can pass the user context when initializing the Grow widget.

  3. Users can now provide all the necessary information when purchasing a product via the Grow widget.

  4. Customer email and phone number in order export sheet included.

  5. Dependencies to fix NPM vulnerabilities upgraded.

  6. Travel Purpose drop-down on the travel app updated.