Curacel Grow Overview

Welcome to the Curacel Grow developer documentation!

Introduction to Curacel Grow

Curacel Grow is an API-based technology that allows digital businesses such as e-commerce, logistics, online retail, and fintech to provide different types of insurance offers and services in addition to their core solutions.

To summarize, Grow enables digital businesses to embed and provide insurance to their end-users and customers.

Using this API, you can automate and efficiently process insurance processes such as claims, policy management, quotations and orders, and customer creation. Furthermore, Curacel Grow takes care of the vital things under the hood, such as security against insurance fraud, allowing your company to focus on providing insurance coverage to its customers.

We built Grow to bridge the gap between Africans and access to insurance. This API is available to developers, product owners, and anyone that is considering offering embedded insurance alongside their product.

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