Claims Release Note for Friday 13th October, 2023

  1. Add Centralized Error Handling to CuracelPay

Claims Release Note for Friday 22nd September, 2023

  1. Insurer Ability to Return to a Filtered Enrollee List After Viewing an Enrollee Detail from the Same List
  2. Investigate Med-ops Complaint of Pending claims in Vetted piles
  3. Reposition the Autovet Recommendation Accept & Discard Buttons

Claims Release Note for Friday 25th August, 2023

  1. Fix for Enrollee Requests from the Client Portal not Reflecting on the Manage Request Module on the Insurer Portal

Claims Release Note for Friday 11th August, 2023

  1. Medical information Update to the Ailment Section on the Enrollee Portal

Grow Product Changelogs for 19th June, 2023

  1. We can now generate a web link to the Travel Portal for Travel Agents who require the same so that their customers can follow the link and purchase insurance by themselves.

Grow Product Changelogs for 5th June, 2023

  1. The API as well as the interface for the purchase of Health Insurance has been updated to include the following fields:
    1. Medical History
    2. Beneficiary information

Grow Product Changelogs for 22nd May, 2023

  1. We have updated the Grow API to accommodate a new product type - Investment + Life Insurance.
    With this insurance type, customers can make periodic payments, and at the end of a pre-determined time, they get back their total payments with some interest.
    The product also has a Life Insurance component such that when the policyholder does not survive the plan, the investment, interest, and an extra amount are paid to a beneficiary.
  2. The following requirements are necessary for the Investment + Life product type:
    1. General KYC of the insured
    2. Next of Kin Details (Name, Phone Number, and Email Address)
    3. Policyholder Type (Single or Group)
    4. Beneficiary Details (Name, Phone Number, and Email Address)
      Up to 5 beneficiary details can be added with a % share for each.
    5. Premium Calculation: Monthly premium with a minimum of 5k/month
    6. Premium Frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly, One-off)
    7. Minimum duration of Plan
    8. Life Cover Chosen
    9. Life Cover Premium (1% of Life Cover Chosen)
    10. Frequency of Life Cover (Same as Frequency of Investment Premium)
    11. Current Health Condition of the Insured
  3. We have updated the Grow API to accommodate a new product type - Life Insurance.
  4. The following fields are required for Life Insurance policy purchases
    1. General KYC,
    2. Life cover chosen
    3. Duration
    4. Current health condition
    5. A beneficiary in case of demise (can add up to 5 persons with a % share for each)
    6. Beneficiary details (Name, Phone no, Email)
    7. Premium Calculation: 1% for covers not more than 5,000,000 Naira
  5. A new interface has been introduced on the Grow Dashboard for Investment +Life Insurance purchase

Grow Product Changelogs for 8th May, 2023

  1. We have introduced two other payment options on the Grow Dashboard and API to provide flexibility with order processing
  2. These payment options can be found on the Payments Options page on the Grow Dashboard.

Grow Product Changelogs for 26th April, 2023

  1. Partners are now able to add orders to the Grow Dashboard via a Bulk Order Upload option. This is however only available for the CreditLife product type for now.

Grow Product Changelogs for 9th April, 2023

  1. The entire onboarding workflow and SLA/KYC requirements on the Grow Dashboard have been updated. The steps have been broken into Personal Information, Business Information, Support Levels, and SLA Signing stages