Claims Product Release Note for Friday 10th February, 2023

  1. The Provider Filter on the Claims Module on Nova should be changed from Rejected to Draft

  1. Fix for some Icons not Loading on the HMO & Provider Portals (New Repo)
  2. Alphabetical Sort for Axa Crossmap Download
  3. Provider Ability to Generate API Token for their Account

  1. Claims Count on Pile Module on Nova should take Submitted claims and drafts into Consideration
  2. Front and Back Preview for Enrollee ID Card Preview to allow for easy Printing

  1. Additional column in Tariff Export on Databoss

  1. Axa Mansard Crossmap Download Naming Convention
  2. Resolve for Duplicate Care Variations on Nova Should Use Care Variation ID as Search Parameters

  1. Bridge should capture Enrollee date of birth from Jubilee Kenya's DB when pushing claims
  2. Space Utilization for the Plan Module on the HMO Portal (New Repo)

  1. Auto Scheduled Importation of Jubilee Tanzania claims
  2. Tariffs should be automatically pulled from Jubillee CMS db
  3. Jubilee TZ Claims with invalid diagnoses should be returned with invalid diagnosis as comment
  4. Fix for Error on Edit Client Page of the HMO Portal on the New Repo
  5. Insurer (HMO) Ability to Add/Edit Provider Code

  1. Check Box to the Enrollee Search During Claim Creation on both Portals to find Exact Enrollee Match

  1. Ability to Sort Client Alphabetically on the Client Overview Module on the HMO Portal

  1. Auto Scheduled Importation of Jubilee Tanzania claims
  2. Fix for Failed Tariff Bulk Upload for Wellness HMO to show accurate error response
  3. Create Action to Initialize Enrollee Benefit Wallet Values