Claims Release Note for Friday 11th August, 2023

  1. Medical information Update to the Ailment Section on the Enrollee Portal
  1. UAP Provider Select During Schedule/Payment Bulk Bulk Upload on the Insurer Portal ( New Repo)
  1. Fix for Issue with Table results after applying the Pagination Filter on the Insurer Portal (New Repo)
  2. Enrollee Insurance Number Autogeneration Via Single Enrollee Addition on the Insurer Portal
  1. Update to CVE Tester Details for Existing Claims on Databoss
  1. Enrollee Ability to Add a New Dependant After Terminating/Deleting a previous Dependant
  2. Implement a toggle that allows UAP Admin switch between uploading Enrollee and Payment schedule upload
  1. Insurer Ability to Add/Edit Enrollee Medical Details on the Enrollee Details Page
  1. Implement Feature to Allow Insurers select Export Row Range on the Claims Export
  1. Fix for Issue Creating Claims for an Active Enrollee with Status response as "Enrollee Terminated"
  2. Update the Curacel Logo on the Enrollee Portal Onboarding Flow Page
  1. Additional Columns to Capture Enrollee Medical Details on the Enrollee Bulk Upload Sheet Template
  1. Fix for Jubilee Uganda Cares items on claims not attaching to Tariff on the Provider's Tariff Database.
  2. Fix for Server Error while Confirming Enrollee Details during onboarding on the Enrollee Portal
  3. Insurer Ability to View Enrollee Medical Records as Entered on the Client and Enrollee Portals
  1. UAP Enrollee Payment Record Auto-Update
  2. Implement Two Additional fields on the UAP Enrollee Details table to reflect the amount paid and balance left per Enrollee
  1. UAP Enrollee Export Improvement/Update

  1. Enrollee Ability to Add End Date to a Saved Ailment on the Medical Module
  2. Resolve Portal Link in Email Notification to Insurers After Enrollee Addition on the Client Portal