Claims Release Note for Friday 7th April, 2023

  1. Weird Behaviour Resolving Duplicate Diagnosis on Nova
  2. Fix for Enrollee Password Reset on the Enrollee Portal re-directs the Enrollee to the Client Portal

  1. Provider Addition During Single Enrollee Creation on the Client Portal should be made optional

  1. Nova Settings to Allow Principals Receive Dependant Related Notification - Claim Verification Email

  1. Inability to Edit Tariff Items set at 0 during PA creation on the HMO Portal

  1. HMO Ability to Update Specific Enrollee ID Card Fields

  1. Auto deletion of attachments not linked after 30days
  2. Addition of Enrollee Image for Dependants of Existing Principal Enrollees on the Client Portal

  1. Fix for Dependant/Principal Enrollee View from the Principal/Dependant Enrollee View on the HMO Portal (New Repo)
  2. Dependant Email Should be Made Optional on the Client Portal

  1. Fix for the "No, It's Not Correct" Action Button is not being Responsive

  1. Adjust Current Enrollee Photo Size Restriction on Enrollee Create Modal on the HMO Portal

  2. Error Loading During Login on Enrollee Portal (Prod)

  3. Vetting status for Jubilee Kenya claims

  4. Fix for Wrong Amount calculation on the Provider Pile summary page Jubilee Kenya