Grow Product Release for 11th December, 2022

  1. The travel portal's partner key can now be up to 255 characters long.
  2. The next customization page opens when the continue button is clicked.
  3. The widget's continue button advances you to the next customization page.
  4. You can now publish after finishing the widget's customisation.
  5. For new policies, it is now possible to set the policy start date and policy status.
  6. Persistent information sharing across widget components works even when cookies are disabled.
  7. The asset ref column from VARCHAR may be used by developers as a meta field for storing JSON data, which is more likely to be longer than 255 characters.
  8. "Premium Duration" has been eliminated from the Travel Insurance Summary Card.
  9. It is now possible to alter the widget's icon and text colors.
  10. When partners visit the configuration page again, they may now access previously stored configurations.
  11. When users go to the travel portal to log in as an authenticated partner, they see the travel landing page with the login modal open.
  12. Summary document shows the API call flow and the respective endpoints.
  13. Admin can now filter revenue by Ghana cedis on Nova.
  14. When creating a new product type on nova, the slug should be selected from a predefined list.
    Admin can create wallets for partners.