Grow Product Release for 27th January, 2023

We are excited to announce the following new updates for our partners:

  1. The creation of Gadget and Job Loss products on Pocket.
  2. The ability to set country values for Flutterwave transactions.
  3. A filter feature for Insurance Coverage on the frontend for Travel app.

  1. The implementation of premium calculation logic for new insurance types.
  2. Admin's ability to provide Curacel's information required on the SLA document.
  3. The inclusion of a feature where International passport data pages can be uploaded on the travel portal.

  1. As a partner, the ability to view the Compliance information tab on the compliance page (API).
  2. Travel agents now have the ability to view the amount and number of transactions.
  3. The disabling of the widget loader.
  4. The ability for the date picker to be displayed by clicking anywhere on the text field on the travel app.

  1. As a partner, the ability to view where the details provided by us and Curacel are shown for SLA signing.
  2. Debugging of the widget payment flow.
  3. The creation of Anchor Sub-Accounts for each partner.
  4. The display of the sandbox widget embed link on the sandbox dashboard.

  1. Added a callback feature for payments on the Widget.
  2. A default form when user context is not provided.

  1. Making signature image files publicly accessible.
  2. The creation of new fields for Curacel signatories.

  1. The updating of each wallet transaction's timestamp on the dashboard.
  2. The enabling of money transfers to and from Anchor Wallet of Partners.
  3. An update on the SLA document.