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Welcome to the Curacel API

Welcome to the Curacel Developer Documentation. Here, you will learn how to build remarkable solutions for insurance technology and more!

This documentation will guide you through integrating our APIs and tools, allowing you to offer comprehensive insurance services, streamline claims processing, payments and accelerate the delivery of insurance policies.

Let's Get You Onboarded!

Dive into our documentation for detailed guides, API references, testing environments, and resources, all tailored to embed personalized insurance solutions into your digital platforms.

Available Products

Explore our diverse product offerings to find the ideal insurance solution for your enterprise:

  • Curacel Grow: Empower businesses to offer insurance benefits by connecting them with Insurance Providers, thereby expanding the reach and impact of insurance coverage.
  • Curacel Health: Facilitate efficient and automated insurance claims processes between Healthcare Providers and Insurance Companies, enhancing the overall healthcare insurance experience.
  • Curacel Auto: Transform the automotive insurance landscape with advanced features for streamlined claims, fraud detection, and innovative solutions, tailored specifically for the auto industry.
  • Curacel Pay: Streamlines premium payment, collection & claims payments with automated processes, flexible options, and seamless ERP integrations, ensuring accuracy and ease in insurance transactions.

Integration Made Easy

No matter your service or business product, our documentation will guide you through the integration of our APIs into your business model, streamlining your operations and enhancing your service offerings.

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