Get Your Grow API Key

Once you log in to the dashboard, generate an API key which is usually a token containing both digits and alphabets.

For more detailed information on how to use the API key for authentication and authorization, have a look at our Authentication section.

API Environments

Right before we begin making requests to the API, let's have a brief look at the environments provided for us.

An environment is a set of variables that you can use in your requests. If you're working in a team, you can utilize environments to group relevant sets of values together and manage access to common data.

We have provided two environments you can use to prototype, test out, and embed Curacel Grow into your product.

EnvironmentDescriptionBase URL
SandboxA dedicated testing environment where you can test out Curacel Grow without incurring any cost or affecting the production data.

Feel free to thoroughly test API endpoints in this environment before going live.
Live/ProductionThis environment is used to embed Curacel Grow API into your application. It uses live data and it is meant for production purposes.


Please Note!

You cannot create an application for both Production/Live mode and Sandbox using the same API key.

The endpoint structure for both environments is the same, the only difference is the base URL.

Great! Now that you have your API key and now understand what environments are provided for use, you can now make requests and receive responses from the API.

There are several ways to achieve this, but let's start with Postman, which gives you access to interact with every endpoint with just a button click. Proceed to the Set Up With Postman section.

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Now you have your API Key, let's proceed to set up a Postman Environment